Here is the approximate program of the Noborder Camp in Stockholm 2012.



The ideas and idea-makers behind the border system


Racism and Anti-fascist struggle


Exploitation and Precarity – Migrant workers and undocumented infrastructure


Just doing your job? The unavoidablity of the border system

8.00-9.30 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
9.30-10.30 General Assembly  General Assembly General Assembly  General Assembly
11-13 Workshop: 11’00-13’00; 14’00-17’00; 17’00-19’00 Tent2 I speak so you don’t speak…


Presentation: 11’00 to 13’00 Tent1,  Swedish whiteness and Swedish racism by Tobias Hübinette


workshop: 11’00-13’00 Tent2 Roma solidarity in social centre Satama (Helsinki)

 Workshop: 11’00-13’00 Tent3 El registro. “How to handle every-day situations with employers”

11-13 Workshop: Union work without papers
Where: Tent 2, Camp
Language: English, Spanish translation
Oragnized by: Göteborgs LS,papperslösakommitén.

Workshop: 11’00-13’00 Tent1 El registro. “The register-method”

Panel talk: 11’00-13’00 Tent2 “Integration, Segregation, Assimilation” with: Tobias Hübinette and more…
13-17  Lunch

Action organized by Everything for everyone federation: “Shoot the shooters! We go to SAAB Security and Defence Solutions in Järfälla. Bring your cameras and turn the Society of control upside down”

 Decentralized Activity/Lunch

13’30 Solidarity Demo in Sollentuna with arrested people.

Lunch  Lunch


Don’t go to work!
Suggestions on how we can interupt the daily routine of the border regime.
Where: Through out the city, suggestions will be available at the camp.
Organized by: Black Cat Block



CANCELED Workshop: 15’00-17’00 Tent1 racism in the regional context,

Talk: 15’00-17’00 Tent1 FARR (The Swedish Network of Asylum and Refugee Support Groups). Presentation of their info-folder “Good Advice”


17-19 Talk: 17’00-18’30 Tent1 KITCH art-collective (Ljubljana). Emancipatory politics of (non)art: aesthetics of neoliberalism, activism and art, art in common space, emancipation, thought-practice

Talk: 17’00-18’30 Tent2 International Solidarity Movement: what we do against the occupation


Talk: 18’30-20’00 Tent1 “Anti-border design” A collaboration between researchers in Malmö and Stockholm


Talk: 18’30-19’30 Tent2 Live link from Gibraltar

Talk: 17’00-19’00 Tent1  (Nation-)STATE of WHITENESS – an interactive seminar on Sweden’s racialized borders and power structures by Ellen Belmore.

19-20  Dinner Dinner

19’30-20’00 Tent2 Follow up from after math of Noborder Camp Brussels. Endurance of Solidarity

 Action night  19’00-21’00 Film screening
20-22  20’00-22’00 Film screening 20’00-21’30 Tent2 No Border Camp 2012 Cologne/ Düsseldorf. “The situation in Germany” and info about the camp in Cologne/Düsseldorf

20’00 Tent1 Yoga and Acrobatics Skillsharing

 20’00-22’00 Film screening
22-00 21’30-22’00 Film screening