11’30 Solidarity demo organized by Action against Deportation Stockholm.

Talk: 17’00-18’00 Tent2 Control(s) at the borders.

Frontex and the technologies of control. This presentation should give a critical description about the situation at eastern borders, the development of Frontex and the evolution of the Research on High Technologies (Biometric devices, drones, sensors, detectors…)

Talk: 17’00 to 18’30 Tent1 Militarization and Resistance Around the U.S.-Mexico Border
The U.S.-Mexico border is one of the most contentious on the planet, raising critical concerns around issues including militarization, securitization, neoliberalism, and race. In this workshop we will discuss what has been taking place on and around this border, and what people have been doing about it to promote alternatives.
Talk: 18’00-19’00 Tent2  A report from the borders of EU. by Björn Hedlund
One hour of lecture about border controlling, confinement of non-citizens and deportations within the EU. The talk is based on the
master thesis in social anthropology, ‘Confinement and Expulsion of Non-citizens’, and the new reportage book Fortets Murar.
Talk:18’30-20’00 Tent1 US-Migration politics and the implicancies for  Mexico migration  politics, in the global migration and national  securitization context. Katrin  Wilkniss

US-Migration  politics and the implicancies for  Mexico migration politics, in the  global migration and national  securitization context.

The main points would be:
–  Mexico as global border: geographic, political, cultural and social   facts, migrant flows and caracteristics of the situation of the  migrants  compared to US
–  Felipe Calderón, militarization and securitization with   US-participation in the so-called drug war, and what that brought to  the  migrants
–  organized crime and the mexican institutions: corruption, complicity,   impunity and the humanitarian crisis as big business with central   american migrants
–  the migrant practices in Mexico: migrant hunt, detention centres,   refugee and asylum-politics, practices with non-accompanied children,  women,
and non-regional migrants, disappeared migrants, new displaced communities
– the upcoming elections and how media and the governmental institutions  cover up crimes against migrants
20’00-22-00 Film screening
  • Security Checkpoints of the Future – EFFicient Integrated SECurity Checkpoints (EFFISEC)
  • TALOS animation
  • blocage-marksplas-belgium
  • ‘The Daily Life of Calais Migrants’
  • lybian catch catch at sea side
  • Noborders-oostende
  • Migrants clash with police in Lampedusa

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