The camp will involve, but not limit itself to, the following themes:

  • DIY – sustainability and autonomy as a means of challenging the nation-state (diversity of tactics, sustainability with the environment, autonomy and organisational practice)
  • Anti-repression (voices from the detention centers, deportations and private contractors, survelliance, how the border is everywhere, FRONTEX)
  • The ideas and idea-makers behind the border system (institutions and EU-policy: ideas and legitimization, unequal distribution of rights – by nationality, discussing with parliamentary politics and non-parliamentary groups, how is it possible for people to believe in a nation state system?)
  • Racism and the Anti-fascist struggle (dealing with the anti-muslim currents and their organizations, how borders create racism, critique of white(-ness) norms, racism within the left)
  • Exploitation and Precarity – Workers Movement and Migrant workers (how state-welfare system and national unionism puts workers against workers, solidarity infrastructure: legal advise for migrants and undocumented residencies (how do the laws work? how does the Migration board work?), autonomous health care and other social services)
  • Queer and feminism – understanding different perspectives and its practical applicability (intersectionality, sexism within the left,
  • conservative Family norms in refugee systems, critique of white(-ness) norms in feminism)
  • Just doing your job? The unavoidablity of the border system (actions to stop “the daily routine”, how do we get people to see what they are doing?, the silent concent in the social structures, work, mentality, daily life)

You can find the detailed program here »

Read the program call out here (Call out for participation in the program of No Border Camp Stockholm 2012).



  •  The camp philosophy is self-organization, decentralization and autonomy. The camp clearly rejects capitalism, which feed on war and misery, and depends on the nation state and its borders to survive.
  • All participants of the camp are expected to respect different political options and actions. We have solidarity with all participants and do not distance ourselves for personal or political gain, respecting all tactics.
  • All participants of the camp are expected to stand in solidarity together against all forms of repression.
  • Sexist, racist, homophobic, transfobic or any other types of oppression and domination are not welcome, and will not be tolerated, at the camp.
  • The camp stands in confrontation with any authoritative structures, and wants through direct action to resist against these structures and provide an alternative.
  • Repression is something that affects us all. Borders represent a part of a struggle that also includes, but not limits itself to, anti-fascism, class struggle, environmental struggles, animal rights struggles, feminist and queer struggles. We encourage all groups, organizations, collectives and individuals to conduct decentralized actions throughout the week of the camp or in any other way possible take action against migration politics!



A self-organized camp will be nothing but what we make of it. Everyone is able to participate and find their own roles in making a No Border camp happen!

  • You can take part in the organization of the camp by getting involved in one of the working groups (logistics, mobilization, media, workshop program, the mass-demonstration on the 17th June, translations, medical aid, legal team, website, graphics etc.)
  • You can help us by suggesting a workshop, movie screening, presentation or something similar. The theme should be relating to migration or border politics.
  • You can mobilize, block deportations, show up at the camp, join the big demonstration, visit people in detention centers or find other creative solutions for inflicting damage on the deportation machine.
  • You can organize a support party, a support concert or arrange other activities for supporting and raise funds for the camp.
  • You can help us find a location for the camp or other places for activist activities.
  • You can donate money to:
    • Account (PostGiro): 62 88 02 – 1
    • IBAN: SE49 9500 0099 6042 0628 8021
    •  BIC (swift-adress): NDEASESS
  • You can lend us much-needed logistics (larger tents, vans, construction materials, etc.)
  • You can share skills, donate material or just show up to help us build the camp

LOGISTICS LIST (Download .odt) (Download .pdf)

To build the infrastructure of the camp itself (with spaces for workshops, legal team, medical team, hygenical facilities, kitchens, etcetera) it of course requires a lot of material. Therefor we’re sending out this logistical call out with a list of items we need for making the no border camp an autonomous space where we together build, run and clean up (!) during and after the week in june.

The list is due to change if the scenery of the camp changes. Also, when you’re contacting us with an item you are able to help the camp with aquiring, please answer:

  • When can we use the equipment? The whole week, one day, only during a evening?
  • Who is going to take care of the material: are you staying to guard your material, will you operate it?
  • Will it cost something (of course, we prefer if it doesn’t)?
  • How will it reach the camp? Will you drive it, do we have to look for transport?
  • Some way of contacting you (email, fax, phone number, meeting place)