17th Welcome to the No Border Camp Stockholm

We will Demonstrated and welcome everyone to no borders finishing with a film in the evening.

10’00-11’00       General Assembly: introducing the camp structure

12’00 together towards demo

13’00-17’00 Demo through the city
In accordance with the accusation and horrific evidence presented by Tribunal 12 about Fort Europe, the struggle along the vision for a world where no one have the right to restrict the free movement and existence of others, is now more than ever needed. The violence of the borders are always kept silenced. This is something we never have a moral obligation to accept or maintain. But borders are constantly unmade by being crossed without the right papers; the system of citizenship challenged by persons trying to exist in spaces without citizenship; walls overpowered by being climbed over and escaped from. We can make it visible. We can change it. We can do away with the walls that kill and separate us.
We call for everyone to sign our petition and if they can join us the 17th June demonstration, For a World Without Borders!
A peaceful manifestation against the border violence:
– Close all detention centers!
– Stop all deportations!
– Against all racism!
– For a world with out borders!
The demonstration will open the No Border Camp Stockholm, which starts on the 17th and fills the week with activities, lectures, seminars and workshops, all related to the world we live in where borders constantly are in the way of people living in peace and free movement.
-The demonstration will start 13.00 at Kungsträdgården where there will be a presentation and some speeches.
 -Then there will be a march to Medborgarplatsen where speeches will be held.
-After which the march continues to Vitabergsparken where the Asylum musical will be performed and after a invitation to the camp will be made.
The facebook event http://www.facebook.com/events/360318977367335
Sign our online petition for a world without borders https://www.change.org/petitions/for-a-world-without-borders
Print and share thewww.noborderstockholm.org/uploads/17June_poster2.pdf
Workshop: 17’00-18’30 Tent 2 we are all equal here…
Discussion: 18.30-20.00 Tent2 Round table discussion
Film Screening and short talk: 20’00-21’00 Tent2 Beyond Hope, I Still Won’t Give Up

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