First of all, take a minute to read the camp’s principles here:

# Where will the camp site be located?

The camp will be located in a field at the farm Hästa Gård, Akalla, Stockholm. The adress is Hästa Gård, 164 74 Kista.
You can find it on the map

The easiest way to travel with public transportation system is to take the Metro (Blue line) towards Akalla. Get off at Akalla (end station). From there either walk (follow the signs!) or take buss 567 towards Jakobsberg or buss 518 towards Barkaby. Get off at the station Tavastehusgatan.
If driving north bound on the E4, take the exit Akalla and then the first exit in the Hansta roundabout. Follow the road until you see signs marked Hästa Gård.

here is a map from showing the route from the t-bana

If driving on the E18 towards Enköping, make a right turn onto the Akalla road (number 275) and the farm should come up on your right.

# What should I think about while camping?

That the area is one of the few places in Stockholm with wildlife and nature. Please take care of it and each other!

# What should I bring?

Sleeping tent, rolling mat, sleeping bag, toothbrush, rain gear, a torch. A good mood! Also, see if you can help us out with any of the following items:
– Tools for building the camp (the more hands and tools, the faster the constructing)
– Spare tents, sleeping madresses (for the people who come without)
– What else?

# When can I start coming to the camp?
The camp site will be open from the 12th (please come help build the camp), activities on the 17th. Please come help build the camp before that though!

# Will there be actions?

# Will there be workshops, debates, movie screenings?
Yes, see the program here: https://www.noborderstockholm.org/program/

# Can I put my caravan/trailer at the campsite?
Yes, but you can’t park your car or van next to it (see next answer).

# Is there parking space?
Yes, there’s parking space arranged by the farm adjoining to the camp site. You can however not park your car at the actual camp site (but don’t worry, you’ll just have to walk 50 meters).

# Can I bring my dog?
Yes, but do think about it. Remember that you’re responsible for your dog and that you have to keep it in a leash because of sensitive wildlife.

# Will the camp cost me anything to participate?
No, the camp will not have a fee. We will however ask for donations to help cover the costs.

# Is there any legal information I should take part of?
Yes, legal information for swedish citizens and citizens of both ther EU-countries and non-EU contries are available here:

# I need to apply for a visa, can you help me with that?
# How can I contact you?
Through the camp phone 0046(0)761 50 44 38

or as usual on: info@noborderstockholm.org

Through email: https://www.noborderstockholm.org/contact/

# I have a medical condition, are coming with small children, or can’t stay at the campsite for a special reason, is there other places I can sleep?
Yes, there is. Contact us through email: https://www.noborderstockholm.org/contact/

# Will there be a medical team, trauma support, legal team, security team, etc?

# Can I drink alcohol at the camp?
Please don’t. The camp is a place for political activity, not for partying. There is such events planned elsewhere.

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