Why you Should Join And How Struggles Connect in The NoBorder Camp

Anti-racism: We are lead to believe that we need protection from the authority, from a leader of a nation– migration control is the state telling us to be racist. We can never accept that the possibility to live our life is conditioned by where – inside of which borders – and by whom you were born. That people are categorized and included/excluded from right and possibility to move freely over the earth, on the basis of race, origin, culture or digits in a state-sanctioned document. People are much more then their nationality or ethnicity.

Environmental aspect: the environment, the pollution, and the effect of global warming has no borders: living together on this planet demands that we take responsibility together. This will never happen as long as those with most power are hiding behind national borders. The rhetoric about “we are all the same boat”, is therefore bullshit. This is illustrated by how global warming is being translated by governments not as an environmental concern, but as a security issue.

Feminism: without feminism we will never get rid of one of the major parts of the universal system of domination. The border regime is at it’s core patriarchal. Womyn has never gained from (nor hardly been a part of) this regime of exclusion. Also among refugees, the whitest man is the norm. Borders create an even more exploitative situation for womyn. Womyn are often valued as less within our capitalist and hierarchical patriarchal society, which means there is a general tendency for womyn to not have the same opportunities as men when it comes to education, labour and wealth. When women are not treated as equals, it causes multiple exclusion from education, work, and also migration. The borders stand as yet another barrier between womyn and equality. Although, it can be said that, the right for womyn to become men, is NOT feminism.

Anti-capitalist: With the safeguarding of “the free movement of capital” we have the encroachment of the free movement of people. They don’t seem compatible. (those who are permitted to move, are the ones who own or are reduced to mere labor force, i.e. those who move as capital) Why? The free movement of people takes away the basis of the free movement of capital, because capital can only be relatively free, that is to say free in relation to people. If people are free to move, wherever they find it suitable and best for their own well-being, this will restore the order of economy for people, not the other way around as we have it under capitalism. “The free movement of capital” has actually nothing to do with geography, but is made into a “right” not to be distributed equally – to separate value from valorisation – which is also the basis for any kind of property.

A Queer aspect: Anything goes, the norm is the problem. Queer is a territory of tension, defined against the dominant narrative of white-hetero-monogamous-patriarchy (that tells us that White skinned/Straight Sexed/2 person relationship/Male dominated world is how we are supposed to be and live), but also by an affinity with all who are marginalized, authorised and oppressed. Queer inter/actions is to reject the regime of the Normal.

Workers movement: if we are separated by national borders and capital is not, we will never be able to resist its exploitation. If workers organize nationally it will be at the expense of workers in other countries, and in the long term at the expense of themselves when capital flees to more precarious labor markets.

Anti-war: Without territorial claims by states there cannot be wars. War is a capitalistic machinery for domination, separation and profit. War creates refugees and are often the excuse for ‘states of exception’, which is the liberal excuse for institutionalized racism, extensive coercion and exploitation. Border sites can be clearly seen as a site of continuous war. War against those who want to cross over them. They are also a testing site for military equipment, like unmanned infra-red spy drones scanning the perimeter and “attacking” migrants coming too close, electrified fences, heart beat detectors; all manufactured for profit by the same companies. War’s are not fought by those in power. These military leaders only have to “sell” the war and racism and migrantophobia are an essential component of this story.

Join us to create new methods of working outside of the exploitive systems, these are our tools and what our future could be. Let’s refine them and make them our own so that the future is something we want, and worth dreaming about, non-exploitative and non-exclusive.

Our message may be NO BORDERS but what does that really mean, how can we really know what it is we are asking from the future? What we can know and do is make situations where non-exploitative and non-exclusive actions and behaviour is the currency, we can also attempt to work in ways that liberate ourselves from some forms of repression, and by creating these situations we can learn from our current societies mistakes, and prove a different, constructive possibility.

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