Everything You Need to Know for the No Border-Camp (Updated)

This is a small guide that is meant to provide as much information
as possible about the transnational no border camp to be held in
Stockholm between 17/6-24/6 2012th If you are missing some information, please
contact us and we will update the text!


The program is structured around the theme days, but will overlap.
Workshops, discussions, film screenings and lectures will revolve
of migration, (anti-) racism, whiteness standards, feminism, union
organizing, queer theory (and practice), anti-capitalism and concrete
resistance. Participants come from both well-known struggles as lesser known,
from near and far.

The current program is available here (updated):


The following actions are planned:

– June 17: Demonstration of a world without borders, against the State

13:00 at Kungsträdgården

Wide, open and noisy demonstration for a world without borders, without
deportations, prisons for refugees or other racist
manifestations. In a peaceful manifestation we break the silence against border violence to opens the camp. The demonstration finishes with the asylum musical in Vitabergsparken.

Read more about the demonstration here:

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/360318977367335/

If asylum musical: https://www.palmefonden.se/index.php?sid=2&pid=58&tid=566

– June 18: Solidarity demonstration outside the refugee prison in Marsta
11:30 at Märsta Commuter Station

It is no coincidence that all of Sweden’s refugee prisons located to
outskirts of
society. Border Violence always in silence, but appears not only
but very much also mentally. The reality behind these
mirrors the outside and in the locked up, we also see ourselves. On June 18,
at 11.30
we gather at Märsta station to the solidarity overcome isolation and
get their
voices heard.

Arranged by: Campaign Against Deportation Stockholm

– June 19: Mass Action against Group 4 Securator
13.00 in Västberga

G4S is the world’s largest private security firms operating in
over 125
countries. The company runs prisons in the United States, security and military tasks
in Iraq
and border controls in many countries. Perform the privatized deportations
Britain’s government. G4S also operates on occupied land in Palestine
by providing enterprise of Israeli settlements, Israeli prisons and
checkpoints with security systems and personnel. We want to protest that
by a demonstration at the Swedish G4S headquarters.

Organized by: International Solidarity Movement Stockholm

– 20th June: Demonstration organized by Anarchopride
20:00 at Kungsträdgården

(More details to come)

Completion of the project day organized by Anarchopride.

– 21 th June: Check on the monitors! Mass Action against SAAB Security and
Defence Solutions

13.00 in Jarfalla

(More details to come)

Bring your camera and turn upside down on the control society!

Organized by: Association of All for All

– June 22:

(More details to come)

– 23rd June:

(More details to come)

Legal rights

Keep track of each other. If you see a friend being arrested, call the
Solidarity group and tell them. Remember to state and last name
and the time when your friend was arrested for facilitating
Solidarity group’s work. Solidarity Group exists to help
activists who are caught by the police during demonstrations or actions
and holding open-call all week. They can help with advice and tips, a
little legal knowledge, names of sensible lawyers, support to relatives,
financial support. Have the police taken and bussed you off somewhere, call
and tell me where to put off.

If you are arrested by the police, say nothing more than name, date of birth and address
– You have the right to remain silent on all other issues. Never Admit nothing,
accept no bötesålägganden, refusing to go along with simplified service – then
you are more likely to get by. Then talk with Solidarity Group when you
released how best to put up your defenses. When released from
police station, call immediately Solidarity group and tell them that you are free.
Sign up Solidarity Group numbers with a felt pen on the arm,
so you always have access to it.

Before you go on the demonstration, be sure to form an affinity group with
people you know to be there, too. During and after the manifestation
do you keep track of each other, stirring with a group. Discuss what
Conflict level you are prepared to use, how you will be able to stay in touch
if you lose one another. On many occasions you will be required
to act independently, depending on the demonstration is output. See
to have each other’s social security number written down in a safe place.

Left Lawyers Lund and Stockholm has put together a new haffakort as
can be downloaded here:
http://www.noborderstockholm.org/cms … affakort-1.pdf

Good things to think about

Bring your own tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, toothbrush, rainwear,
good shoes, towel, headlamp and other things that are good to have with the
to live in tents.

When you arrive at camp can be a good idea to stop by
minutes at välkomsttältet. Here you can get latest information
know the times and places, and orient yourself.


The mobile international cuisines Machine (Stockholm) and Ramp Plan (Utrecht) will
be on hand all week to help, with participants making
Breakfast, lunch and dinner. All food is vegan and served through donations
so everyone can eat. If you have allergies, please inform us in the kitchen!

The camp is organized

The camp is organized by a self-organizing principle. This means
that together we build, operate and clean up (!) after camp.
Construction of the facility begins June 12 and runs until the 17th,
cleaning up after camp starts the 24th and will be completed at the 26th

Both a security team, medical team, solidarity group, byggrupp,
cleaning group and media group is organized, but they are based on us all
help and together take part in the different tasks that
required to attend camp. You can be on site to register for the areas you
want to help around.

The camp will be asking for donations to cover expenses, but has
no fixed fee.

Camping grounds

The camp will be in a field about Hasta Farm on Järvafältet in
Stockholm. The address is Hasta Farm, 164 71 Kista, and you can find them easily
by taking the subway along the blue line towards Akalla. Get off at
Akalla station (final stop) and follow signs, or take the upswing
“Buses” and catch bus 517 to Spånga and get off at Hasta farm.

If you drive from the E4 motorway north you can take off to Akalla – follow two
signs to Akalla – and take the first exit in Hanstarondellen. When you
followed the road for a while, you should see a yard sign that says “Hasta Farm.”

If you drive from E18 to Bandon, take right onto Akalla Link (275) about 1.5
km before the yard pops up on your right.

Some practical things can be good to remember:

  •     If there is a fire ban during the camp period, we ask that you
  •     Respecting this
  •     Hasta farm is situated in a cultural heritage with sensitive, caring for
  •     it and each other!
  •     To camp is a place for people to rest and participate in a
  •     political project, we ask you to respect alcohol ban
  •     Keep your dog on a leash due. animal life around
  •     You can not park on the field, but well next (there are excellent
  •     parking). However, you can set your trailer / caravan on the field.

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