First of all, take a minute to read the camp’s principles here: # Where will the camp site be located? The camp will be located in a field at the farm Hästa Gård, Akalla, Stockholm. The adress is Hästa Gård, 164 74 Kista. You can find it on the map […]


11’30 Solidarity demo organized by Action against Deportation Stockholm. Talk: 17’00-18’00 Tent2 Control(s) at the borders. Frontex and the technologies of control. This presentation should give a critical description about the situation at eastern borders, the development of Frontex and the evolution of the Research on High Technologies (Biometric devices, […]

Today the 19th

Today DIY – sustainability and autonomy as a means of challenging the nation-state system. Workshop: 11’00-19’00 Tent2 Action trainning, skill-sharing and com-radio 11’00-13’00 and 14’00-17’00 Tent1 Voicing Resistance – empowerment workshop for people of color where does the term “people of color” come from? who was may ayim? who is […]


Queer and feminism –  perspectives and practical applicability General Assembly Workshop: 11’00-19’00 During the whole day: Banner painting, action related crafts, and making of one’s own goodie bags for the night’s treasure hunt. Lecture and workshop: 11’00-13’00 Dean Spade: Critical Trans and Intersectional Politics and the Limits of Law. Talk: 11’00-13’00 Ain’t […]