Today the 19th

Today DIY – sustainability and autonomy as a means of challenging the nation-state system.

Workshop: 11’00-19’00 Tent2 Action trainning, skill-sharing and com-radio

11’00-13’00 and 14’00-17’00 Tent1 Voicing Resistance – empowerment workshop for people of color

where does the term “people of color” come from? who was may ayim?

who is mutlu ergün? who is grada kilomba? on biographical work we will get
to know each other and each others strengthes in order to individually and
collectively find survival strategies in a racist societies.
language: english (translation into: french, spanish and german organized
by reclaim society!; other translations are welcome)
International Solidarity Movement: Open Action Against G4S
Workshop: 17’00-19’00 Tent1 On deportation resistance, tactics from different situations
Talk: 17’00-18’30 Tent1 JAK Members Bank – Alternative economy with peoples rights before money
Most banks use our savings to invest in businesses that produce weapons an
d seriously worsen conflicts – conflicts that forces people around the w
orld to leave their homes. We are on the camp to discuss this and to talk
about our cooperative and democratic bank as an alternative, and why we th
ink our model of economy is more fair and sustainable than the conventiona
l one. Everyone is welcome to join! Our bank is situated in Sweden, but we
spread our ideas internationally and similar initiatives are at the moment
initiated in other countries.
Talk: 18’30-20’30 Tent1 Anti-fascist movement in Russia
Anarchist from Moscow will tell about anti-fascist movement in Russia from anarchist perspective. Antti Rautiainen lived in Moscow for 13 years, participating to anarchist activities, his residence permit was revoked in March of this year, allegedly he “called for a violent overthrow of constitutional order, or otherwise endangered safety of Russian Federation or its citizens”. He is member of Autonomous Action and Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow.

20’00-22’00 Film screening


Walk: 20’00-22’00 at Karlaplan. the anti-militaristic Network Ofog: Guiding through the military stockholm

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